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Friday, 06 August 2010 18:02


Any person or organization that wants to put up a building, transform an existing building, demolish an existing structure.

A. For those who want to put up a new structure or have never secured a development permit
i. One completed copy of TCP Form 1;

ii. Building Permit Application Form duly completed

iii. Land Title Certificate or a Deed Certificate or Clearance Form duly signed by appropriate authority i.e. Lands Commission of Land Title Registry.  (Copies of clearance forms are available at submission desk.  Applicants with clearance forms are to attach two copies of site plans on the scale of 1:12500/1:2500 t0 the appropriate authority for their action and recommendation).

iv. 4 Stets of Architectural drawing duly signed: (Three copies of a block and site plan to a scale of  1/20 or 1/40 showing the position of the building(s) and other work on site;  Three copies of plans showing the elevation and design of the building at an appropriate scale).

v. 4 Sets of Structure drawings of the building at appropriate scale and duly singed.

vi. Five (5) self addressed envelopes

vii. And any other as may be necessary 

B. For Multi-User and Multi-level development, the following information should be submitted alongside those listed under item 1 above.

i. Fire Report and appropriate fire engineering drawing duly vetted and approved by Ghana Fire Service.

ii. Geo-Technical (Soil investigation) Report

iii. Structure Integrity Report where vertical extensions are proposed on existing building.

iv. Traffic Impact Assessment Report

v. Hydrological Report and appropriate drawings

vi. Any other as may be necessary

C. Application requiring Permission in Principle (AIP) would be required to submit the following

i. 3 Sets of Sketch drawings

ii. 3 copies of brief outline of project covering the location, design,

iii. activities and operational characteristics

iv. Evidence of Neighborhood consultation and comments

D. Applications seeking Change of Use of existing permit should submit the following;

i. Previous permit on existing building

ii. Proposed amendments to drawing if relevant (see details listed under items 1 & 2)

iii. Evidence of Neighborhood consultation and comments for the new use of premises.

E. Development and Building permits are valid for five years.  Applicants who are unable to complete developments within permit validity period are required to seek permit for extension of Time.  Application for Extension to Existing Building should comprise;

i. Previous permit

ii. Three copies of a block and site plan to a scale of 1/20 or 1/40 showing the position of the building(s) and other works on site.

 Buy the Building Permit Application Form and TCP Form 1 from the District Assemblies Works Departments or the TCPD offices in the Regions and Districts.

 Complete in full, both the Building Permit Application Form and the TCP Form 1. Where you have difficulty in completing the forms, contact the District Town and Country Planning office or the district Assembly Woks Department in your district for advice and assistance.

If your development is multi-storey structure of complex, you may to provide reports such as:
• Environmental Impact Assessment Report,
• Structure Report,
• Fire Service Report,
• Hydro Report,
• Geological Report
• Traffic Management Report. 
You may contact the District Assembly Works Departments, the Physical Planning Department Offices, relevant agencies or consultants for advice and assistance.

 Submit completed forms with all other attachments as specified in the Building Permit Application and TCP Form 1 to the Town and Country Planning Office in your District or Region.
 On submission you shall be informed of
 Corrections to be made or additions if any
 The processing fee
 Date for inspection of site ( if necessary)

 The Secretary of the Statutory Planning Committee (SPC) and the Planning Committee (SPC) and the Planning Officers process the application within two (2) weeks of receipt of application.
 The Technical sub-committee meets to evaluate the application, visits site and makes recommendation to the Statutory Planning Committee (SPC) within a month of receipt of application.
 The Statutory Planning Committee considers the Development Application within nine (9) working days of Technical Sub-committee meeting.
 The Secretary of the Statutory Planning Committee submits approved plan to District Assembly Works Department five (5) working days of approval for issue of building permit..

 Pay approved building permit fee to the District Assembly’s Works Department on receipt of approval letter.
 Collect building permit from the District Assembly within three (3) months after submission of development application.
 Applicants may seek further instructions for commencement of building project from the Works Department of the District Assembly.

 Act 462 provides that any unauthorized structure of structures attached to premises shall be demolished or remove on notice by the District Assemblies.
 The receipts issued for the processing fees are not building permits. Submission fees are required for all category of development application.  Fees vary from one district assembly to another.  Processing fees are not refundable.  Processing fees are no guarantees for permit and not synonymous with building permit fees.  Receipts for development applications should thus not be used as evidence of permit.
 Building becomes illegal if it does not conform with what is on the approved plan.
 Any application who makes a false declaration does so at his/her own risk.

 It is important to note that the validity of a Building Permit issued in accordance with the above process is five (5) years after which a new permit must to sought.

Developers are therefore required to seek renewal of Building Permit if development is not completed within five (5) years.