Town and Country Planning in Your District

You will find the Department in your Metropolitan, Municipal or District Assembly Office. At this level these are the services we offer:
• Advising the general public and district assembly in matters relating to physical development.
• Preparation of planning schemes and providing technical advice in promoting healthy and harmonious growth and development of human settlements in the District.

• Co-ordination of diverse physical developments promoted by departments, agencies of government and private developers.

• Administration of land use management procedures in settlement and channeling of day to day physical development into efficient forms and sound environmental places of residence, work and recreation.

• Receiving and issuing out of physical development application documents within the District.


• Providing diverse forms of planning services to other public institutions, boards, corporations and private developers with the purpose of securing the highest level of aesthetics, health, efficiency and others in the built environment.

What practical services should a client expect?
• Daily site inspection on development application plans submitted to the department;
• Receiving and vetting of development application plans;
• Receiving and processing of planning concurrence from lands commission;
• Revision of old planning scheme affected by major development e.g. Ghana water compulsory allocation of site within sector 7 planning scheme;
• Rezoning of planned land use site at the request of a developer;
• Advising agencies, departments and the general public on the need to follow approved planning scheme.
Why contact the town planning office, before you buy land
Contact the office immediately you have an interest in a parcel of land being sold somewhere.
Get the Department to inspect the site and give you advice and go ahead before you make payment to the land owner. This would prevent purchasing of roads (public right of space) and other public use areas.  

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