The Land Use Planning and Management Project is a 3-year project aimed at enhancing the institutional, legal, technological and human resource capacity of the Town and Country Planning Department (TCPD).

The objective of the programme is to re-establish an effective and efficient land use planning system in Ghana through:
• The development of a new law that identifies the roles and responsibilities of TCPD and other agencies in spatial planning and management practices;

• formulation of planning standards and development guidelines to standardize planning in Ghana;

• New spatial planning models based on a  three tier  planning system;

• The implementation of Geographical Information System (GIS) including integration of new and existing data (maps and other data) to support integrated planning at all levels;

• The development of an information/public awareness campaign strategies and materials to support the implementation of the reformed planning system; and

• Identifying and responding to the training needs of TCPD professional and technical staff, District assemblies and traditional rulers.

Project Approach
LUPM Project activities include field testing the new planning system in six pilot areas. The results of the pilot work will lead to refinements in the law, regulations, planning system, technologies as well as enhancing the skills of those responsible for town and country planning at all levels of Government.

Project Progress and Achievements since 2007

• Human settlements policy study used in National Policy Guidelines for MTDP 2010-2013

• Framework for a Land Use Planning Law drafted and subjected to national consideration prior to drafting of the proposed law. Law is expected to be passed by June 2010.

• Establishment of the Land Use Planning and Management Information System (LUPMIS) to support integrated planning at all levels underway in all pilot communities and districts;

• Guidelines, Standards and Permit Procedures. Development Guidelines for the new planning model, new Permitting Procedures and Planning Standards in their final stages. These will standardize planning in Ghana;

• Training and Capacity Building
The LUPMP has been successful in building the capacities of TCPD staff: a training needs assessment survey finalized; and professional and technical staff trained in Project Management, Participatory Planning, Communication Skills, and ICT/GIS

• Institutional Reforms
An Institutional review has been carried out by the project and recommendations have been made, including making TCPD an Authority to give it more powers.

• Gaining assembly support for TCPD
The Project has facilitated the recognition of TCPD within the Assemblies. In all the pilot areas, the Assemblies have provided office space, rehabilitated them and funds some TCPD activities.

• Pilot Area Work

? Provision of equipments for TCPD offices in pilot regions and districts. These are: Ejisu, Takoradi, Asankragwa, Cape Coast, Awutu-Senya, Tamale, Savelugu, Dodowa, Agona Nkwanta. 

? Three tier land use planning system developed and is being implemented in pilot areas. The system has a Spatial Development Framework (SDF) at the top, a Structure Plan, and community-based Local Plans.

? Staff in all pilot areas have been trained in basic ICT as well as basic LUPMIS.

• Communication/Public Awareness
- Communication Skills training held for regional, metropolitan, municipal and district directors of TCPD.
- Calendar highlighting activities of the project produced.
- Newsletters, brochures produced and distributed to create awareness on the project.
- Briefing of Journalists and writing of articles on land use planning and management in major newspapers.
- Presentations to Ministries, Departments and District Assemblies and at fora

The Project will end in August 2010

For further information on the project contact:

The Project Office
Land Use Planning & Management Project
Town and Country Planning Department, Head Office
P. O Box MB 61
Ministries. Accra
Tel. 021 682053/671091

Opposite the Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare, Old Racecourse Road, Ministries.